About Myself

I suppose I should probably include some information about myself. I do not want to come across as some creepy mystery blogger! Ha ha. So my name is sarah, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As of today (01.17.2014) I am 26 years old. I live a pretty simple life, but it is one that brings me comfort. When I am not working I am usually at home. I am a home body, perhaps more of a hermit sometimes. I have two crazy dogs that take up most of my spare time. Oscar the Beagle and Charlie the Olde English Bulldogge (Leavitt Bulldog). They bring me joy but also headaches, frustration, tears, and anger. I do not know how I did it, but I could not have picked two more opposite, difficult dogs if I tried. I am engaged to the most supportive man. He is my rock and solid ground when I am crumbling to pieces. Without my “someday husband” life would just not be the same. I also try to squeeze in time for art and photography. I enjoy pretty much anything crafty, just as long as it is a creative outlet.

I decided to start this blog so I could share stories and information about many things, pretty much what I find enjoyable in life. I do not know if other dog owners are like myself, but they are the center of my world. I was worried at first that I would have to pick a specific topic to blog about and stick to it, but then decided, screw that! I want to share a variety of things, not just one specific type. So it may seem like my blog is all over the place sometimes, but hey, isn’t life like that sometimes?! So welcome to my blog. I think I am a pretty easy going person, but if I somehow offend someone, I am sorry. What I share on here is my own opinions. I am human like everyone else, and am not perfect. I hope you can find something on here that interests you! Oh, and if you choose to read my blog posts: BE WARNED! I am horrible at spelling. Very very bad. Embarrassingly bad. It may not show that much due to spell check (THANK GOD) but it might pop up here and there.


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